September 1, 2016

Science Bits has been awarded the Teachers’ Choice Award (TCA) in the Classroom category. This award honors products of exceptional quality which offer huge benefits in the educational context of schools.

In 1994, Learning Magazine launched the Teachers’ Choice Awards. Over the years, the program has grown to become one of the most recognized and prestigious awards in the educational market in the U.S. than 600 videos and more than 2,000 interactive resources available (interactive activities, simulations, animations and educational diagrams, etc.).

What Do the Teachers’ Choice Awards Highlight?

The winners stand out for providing teachers with practical, hands-on tools to enhance their lessons and turn them into truly engaging and productive experiences for their students.

A nationwide panel of teacher-judges test the products in their classrooms. In this way, they can see first-hand how each of these products impacts the motivation and performance of their students.

What Does the Panel of the TCA Evaluate?

The panel of these awards evaluates four key aspects of the educational programs it reviews:

  • Product quality.
  • Instructional value.
  • Ease of use.
  • Innovation.

What Did the Panel Say about SCIENCE BITS?

The panel of jury-teachers highlighted many of the assets of our program and instructional approach. The following are a few:

  • Ease of navigation through Science Bits’ contents.
  • Availability of lessons based on the La 5E Model of Learning for each topic.
  • Engaging value of our instructional material: videos, texts, simulators, and activities.
  • Advantage of having self-correcting activities, such as being able to study from home.
  • Wide range of topics covered in the study plan.
  • Complete study plans for each part of the syllabus.
  • Clearly organized topics.
  • Lessons available for every subtopic.
  • Short and attractive videos and diversity of articles used.
  • Easy assignment of topics to specific students or groups of students.
  • Topics appropriate for each course.
  • Topics presented in an engaging and comprehensive format.
  • Introductory videos for each topic to connect with the students and arouse their interest
  • Diversity of material, which allows for in-depth study of specific topics and a comprehensive review of the main points.
  • Advantage of being able to send school material to a student who has missed class.

Also, our product can be easily integrated into the curricula of teachers from different centers, as the panel of the Teachers’ Choice Awards highlighted. How is that done? For example, using printouts of our classroom material in the classroom and combining them with the use of the digital whiteboard.

Some of the Panel’s Appraisals

Some of panel’s comments about the Science Bits product referred to the main characteristics of our educational project. Here below are some extracts:

It is difficult to narrow down the things that I most liked about this product. It is simply excellent overall.

My students especially liked the interactive activities, as it gave them the chance to work on the digital whiteboard. They were physically and mentally involved in My students especially liked the interactive activities, as it gave them the opportunity to work on the digital whiteboard. They were physically and mentally involved in the lessons through the proposed problems, discussions, and the hands-on approach.”

My students liked this type of learning compared to standard textbooks and pencil and paper assignments.

I recommend Science Bits because it could easily replace textbooks.

I would recommend Science Bits to another teacher because it is an engaging, informative product that offers reliable and useful information.

I really liked the integration of the different types of resources.

It is the sort of tool all types of students can benefit from.

An Incentive to Keep Learning

We are truly honored and appreciative of the recognition of our work. It’s a source of stimulation to continue improving and expanding our educational project.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn
-John Cotton Dana-

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